Meet the team

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Our Ethos

Nature has inspired us to start Greenbee Landscapes

Nature has inspired us to start Greenbee Landscapes, and we hope that our work re-engages you with the power and joy that nature brings.

 We believe in a holistic and natural approach to landscape gardening. We believe that we should work with nature and not against it. Gardens are living, organic and ever-changing environments which require a thoughtful approach to each different micro-ecosystem.

Our team is made up of a group of individuals who believe that every garden space can be designed to its fullest potential and in a way that enriches both the natural elements and the people who enjoy it.

Senior Designer

Will Wirz

For over Twenty years now we have been creating and developing outstanding gardens, ranging in size and style, from small chic townhouse gardens, exhibition gardens, to large walled gardens and courtyards.

My approach to design differs from most other designers as I believe in a “hands on” and most importantly in a holistic and natural approach. Gardens are living, organic and ever-changing areas where the ability of a designer to effect real change can only happen with involvement throughout the entire garden making process.

Much of our work over the past decade has included the renovating and rejuvenating of old gardens and estates, creating new gardens within these old sites, which balance perfectly with what has gone before. We have also designed and installed more contemporary gardens to compliment a new house or in a smaller part of an old garden, we also have built several natural swimming pools.

As a company, we provide a full garden making service from consultancy, design and construction, to professional gardening aftercare and project management. A great design can only become reality if the landscaping is carried out efficiently and professionally.

Garden maintenance associate

Ruben Rodriguez

Nature has enthralled and inspired me since I was a child, and I hope my work re-engages people with the power and joy nature brings.

I bring to the team a vast array of trades that I have picked up both in my professional life and my never ending hobbies. I have a keen eye to detail and drive Will up the wall with my constant need for better tools.

I started working with Will in 2009 in Ireland, we have since built beautiful gardens in Ireland, Switzerland, Spain and Scotland.

At Greenbee, no two jobs are the same, we build to satisfy a very demanding clientele and that keeps me on my toes. I am passionate about sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Since November 2024, Ruben leads a small team to maintain gardens that Greenbee has built as well as other gardens, He offers yearly contracts for all inclusive property management and garden maintenance.


Hannah Barnett

When Will asked me to come work for Greenbee, it felt like the perfect combination of my work experience in administration and my love of nature. In 2021, I completed my studies for the RHS Level 2 Certification, in order to be able to better support the horticultural side of the business. Working for Greenbee has allowed me to pursue my love of plants and horticulture, and I love getting to put that interest to work, helping to create beautiful, thoughtfully crafted horticultural designs. I am so excited to be able to support a landscaping business that is centred on understanding and working with nature and not against it.

I believe that our lives as humans are enhanced when engaging with and living in close proximity to nature. I love that I can be a part of helping people reshape and rethink their land and gardens in a way that will bring them back into the relationship between the wildness of nature and the sustainability and functionality of cultivation.

Managing Director

Nora Wirz

Managing Will is a full time job and I have been doing that since 1986!  for many years I have helped run the business and just this year I assumed the leadership of Greenbee, this has resulted on Will being able to focus on the Garden design and Client relationship which he so loves and less so in the administration and money which he hates with a passion!