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A garden room in Fife, Edinburgh or Glasgow allows you to work from home and maintain a healthy separation of work and private life, providing you with the focus you need to get the job done.

Many professionals could benefit from a garden office so they can spend less time in the city and more quality time at home with their families.

A modern garden office can make renting a separate office unnecessary and is an asset that you own. A garden room can also be an integral part of your wider garden design project.

Our modern garden rooms can be tailor-made for you. Depending on what use you have in mind for your studio space, we aim to transform your ideas into your personal garden room.


Sip Panels

  • BBA rating sip insulation panels, SIPs, are a sandwich of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) with an insulating polyurethane foam filling. The OSB and the foam are rigidly bonded together resulting in a strong, stiff, highly insulated panel suitable for structural use in buildings.
  • Walls and floors are 100mm standard insulation and roofs are 150mm, BBA certified.



  • We use high quality, sustainably sourced cladding. 
  • We most commonly use thermally treated hardwood cladding (ThermoWood®) or Canadian red cedar cladding, as well as other sustainably sourced options.



  • Our Garden Rooms use SIP panels to form the roof (over-specified at 150mm) providing maximum insulation. We use an EPDM single ply membrane bonded to form a flat roof with a 20-year guarantee but a 50 years life expectancy.
  • As an upgrade we offer a green roof or sedum roof
  • There is often little space for greenery in urban areas. An ideal solution for this is greenery on the roof. A green roof is not only appealing to look at, it also offers many other advantages, such as water buffering, temperature regulation, sound insulation, air purification and it also encourages biodiversity. 
  • *Base/foundation not included (you will need to have a base prepared in advance, though we are happy to guide you through the process)
  • *All electric installation other than final connection to house mains is included. We can connect your garden office to an existing outdoor 13 amp plug.



  • As standard, we offer high quality, factory finished, double glazed patio doors and windows.
  • Upgrades are available such as more windows, triple glazing or triple bifold doors.


Internal Finishes

  • Your Garden Room will be taped and filled and painted in the colour of your choice with 6 spotlights fitted as standard and 2 power outlets.
  • Another 3 spotlights will be fitted on the outside soffit.
  • We will fit an Oak Laminate floor in one of 3 colours.
  • Upgrades are available, such as electric underfloor heating or any flooring upgrade of your choice, as well as internal wood cladding.
Why Choose Us?

Bespoke Garden Offices & Garden Rooms

As long as your garden room or office is made to the below-listed specifications, there is no need for planning permission.  

(The structure is located in your rear garden, is not larger than 50% of your garden, the ridge-height does not exceed 4m, the eaves-height is no higher than 3m, and those parts within 1m of the property boundary do not exceed 2.5m.)

Following through with our sustainability approach to design, we supply our garden offices with a green roof and we build them with Sips Eco Panels which add:

  • Higher levels of insulation and air-tightness than other forms of construction, with thinner wall sections
  • Increased roof space, truss free roofs, vaulted ceilings, room in roof construction, all achieved using our Easi-Roof panels.
  • Quicker building times

Other benefits include the environmentally friendly benefits of SIPs, EPS and OSB, the solidity and strength of the construction, as well as the flexibility it gives you with other aspects of the build.

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Our garden rooms throughout Scotland will be supplied with:

  • Highly insulated 100mm PU SIP panel wall, floor and roof structure.
  • A selection of doors and windows, UPVC, aluminium factory finished rationel doors and windows.
  • Roof– Firestone single ply flat roofing membrane with 20 year guarantee and an expected 50 year lifespan.
  • Cladding–Western red cedar cladding or ThermoWood® Cladding.
  • Engineered oak flooring or pine floor boards
  • Hardwood skirting and soffit
  • Walls fully plaster-boarded and decorated to your choice of colour or cladded with V profile soft wood.
  • Chrome LED Down lights inside and outside
  • 2, 3 or 4 x double sockets internally (depending on size).
  • RCD breaker to ensure a safe and fully certified electrical connection.
  • PVC gutters and downpipes to rear of building

Garden Rooms From Edinburgh to Glasgow

Although we are based in Fife, we offer garden rooms in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Here in Fife we are lucky to have an abundance of inspiration, from wild coastlines to quiet woodlands.  Incorporating a garden room into your outdoor space is a perfect way to benefit from the wealth of nature in this county. A garden room in Scotland is ideal for those who love the outdoors, even in the colder months of the year. 

Space to Escape from the City

Although cities provide a wealth of culture, they do not share such a close proximity to nature. Enrich your city home with a garden office or room where you can benefit from enjoying the beauty of your garden area. 

Garden rooms offer a space away from a hectic life and the bustling city outside. A garden office in Edinburgh or Glasgow will provide a calming environment to keep your mind healthy while at work!

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Garden rooms in Scotland are becoming more common. With the pace of life becoming faster and busier, it makes sense to create a space to escape for either work or play. Make the first step into owning your own garden room by contacting us below.