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To maintain a garden correctly throughout the different seasons requires a good understanding of different plant species and their requirements; when to prune or cut back, when to add feed or mulch the soil and what types of feed to use to ensure proper nutrient uptake.

We understand that maintaining a garden isn’t at the top of everyone’s priority list and it can seem quite daunting at times. This is why we offer professional, stress-free maintenance services.

At Greenbee Landscapes we strive to be transparent and create a good customer experience; this is why we provide fixed prices for the maintenance work we carry out.

Our maintenance packages include a two person crew call out, with the option for a 4 hour or 8 hour service. It’s as simple as giving us a call! We will send over a team and consult with you about the jobs you need to get done. Our professional and enthusiastic crew will ensure that good quality services are carried out.

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