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What is a sustainable garden?

A sustainable garden is one built using practices and materials that cause no harm to the earth and its inhabitants while attempting to enhance it. 

This means using environmentally conscious  building elements such as natural dry stone walls, sustainably-sourced wooden constructions (decks, pergolas, cladding, etc.), natural ponds or swimming pools, water streams, and other water features, gravel surfaces or natural stone paths and patios. All of these surrounded by planting zones that complete and bring life to the constructed elements. A human designed and built environment that promotes the development of holistic, natural ecosystems.

Our Process

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Optimum preparation through accurate surveys

A professional analysis of local conditions, combined with detailed measurements, guarantees a garden design that will be practical in its approach and is 100% viable.


Tailor-made design concepts

Only after we have understood all your ideas, needs, likes and dislikes are we able to produce an individual tailor-made solution. Design meetings allow us to develop a list of your specific ideas, needs and wishes for your future garden. This, together with concept images chosen by you, and our knowledge of local conditions and micro-climates, forms the basis for our garden design.


Creative, unconventional ideas

Thanks to our experience as garden designers, you will receive unique, highly creative and aesthetic garden design proposals. Gardens are our passion! Hardscaping materials can be combined in an infinite variety of shapes and forms, and when joined with a thoughtful, creative horticultural design can produce a truly spectacular result! Be inspired by our creativity and experience completely new solutions and ideas for your garden design.


Accurate presentation through clean visualization

Scaled design plans and perspective visualizations, as well as carefully selected image examples give you a vision of the future look of your dream garden. The most modern CAD programs support our daily work. Thanks to years of experience and the planning of countless gardens, we can assure you that even the most demanding and technical projects will be planned safely, seriously and realistically. 


Optimizing your budget

Planning is only useful if financially viable. There is nothing good about an exciting and creative garden design if it is going to break the bank! You deserve the best possible design that meets your personal needs while not exceeding your budget. A serious garden design takes this fact into account. 


The possibility of a staged implementation

Only when you have a clear picture of the finished garden are you able to stage the building process. This avoids unnecessary additional costs due to lack of planning. When revisiting a project, you will be able to continue where it was left off without unnecessary ground works, demolition etc. Within the draft, we will show you various options, explain possible approaches and calculate the expected construction costs.


Possibility to compare

A sound garden design is necessary to be able to compare prices from different contactors. Only when you can outline your future garden and know the exact materialisation of the individual elements will you be able to obtain comparable offers. (Since you purchase our garden concepts, you also own the intellectual property and can duplicate the plan documents as often as you like.)


Full transparency

You receive a holistic concept with consideration of all necessary work. This gives you the assurance that no hidden costs will be incurred afterwards.


Cost Savings

An elaborate garden design saves money in execution, by avoiding duplication, misunderstandings and incorrect work processes in the implementation.


Sustainable solutions

You get a garden design that will give you pleasure for years to come. By implementing sustainable practices, the garden is being built in an environmentally sound manner and sensibly implemented.

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